• November 24, 2021

What to do if Your Guests aren’t Getting Vaccinated

If your unvaccinated guests get upset at the prospect of losing their spot at your wedding, try to respond gently and calmly — and with lots of compassion. While it is ideal if everyone is vaccinated, many people are choosing not to get the jab just yet or can’t due to medical reasons.

Because of this, they will be missing out on quite a few events — which is no one’s idea of a good time after the couple of years that we’ve had. They are likely feeling hurt, excluded, and frustrated by the situation — after all, weddings are fun occasions!

Try to respond with understanding and regret at needing to make this decision, but gently reaffirm that, unfortunately, your wedding cannot go ahead unless you adhere to government guidelines. As much as you love them and are saddened that they can’t attend, you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and want it to go ahead. You may like to organise a live-streaming option for those who can’t attend.

How to ask your wedding vendors about their vaccination status
Similarly to your guests, your suppliers are a crucial part of your wedding day. Whether you’re up to your third postponement and have been working with your vendors for months, or you’re just starting your wedding planning journey, you might be wondering how to ask about their vaccination status.

Sample text for your asking your suppliers about their vaccination status:
We are so excited to finally celebrate our love and can’t wait for you to be part of bringing our special day to life. As we know, this is a tricky time, and we want to ensure that we’re creating a safe and comfortable environment for our wedding guests and vendors, in line with the latest government guidelines.

Because of this, we wanted to reach out and respectfully ask whether you’ll be fully vaccinated (if you can get the vaccine) by the date of our wedding and if you’re happy to follow local guidelines regarding wearing masks in indoor spaces.

We hope that you understand where we’re coming from and ask that you please let us know where you stand with your vaccination status as soon as possible.

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